It is enormously inspiring
to me to see how people
through mediation regain
their strength to solve
their conflict themselves.


Eline van Tijn

Dedicated to mediation, I find it extremely inspiring to see people regaining the strength to solve their conflict themselves through mediation. In general, I like to steer people toward a positive view on life. As a mediator, I am able to clarify issues and bring matters to light.

My name is Eline van Tijn (1960) and I started my career as a lawyer in Amsterdam. This was followed by 25 years of successful entrepreneurship in our family business in the entertainment sector. I have accompanied and guided several forms of cooperation. As a result, I have great affinity with business conflicts. Since 2012, I have been active as an MfN-accredited mediator. At the ADR Institute, I completed a further specialisation in labour mediation.

As a member of the board of the NMv and ambassador for mediation, I gladly make myself available to give workshops or trainings.