The great thing about mediation is the opportunity to take and keep matters in your own hands. This takes guts.


Mark Spaargaren

As a mediator I fuse my knowledge and experience as a manager and a psychologist. The challenge is to understand what is needed in the relationship between parties, to get conversation flowing. Thoughts, emotions and behaviour all play an important role in conflict. Mediation creates space so that both parties can feel heard and validated.

The goal is to stop seeing ‘the other’ as a caricature, a physical expression of the conflict, but as a human being. This creates the possibility of mutual benefit and solution-oriented exploration. My role as mediator is to guide this process in a neutral and nonpartisan way, keeping an eye on the needs and interests of the parties involved. I bring a professional, knowledgeable, and thoughtful approach and create a safe environment for the mediation process.

Who am I?
I have worked as a psychologist for over 10 years in the area of substance abuse and mental health treatment, initially in the Netherlands and starting in 2000 in the United States. My family and I returned to Amsterdam in 2008 where I have been working as a manager for the Salvation Army. I was introduced to mediation in 2019 and enjoy the challenge and learning process of helping people navigate conflict. In addition to mediation, I continue to work for the Salvation army as a psychologist.

Working with people whether they be colleagues, superiors or subordinates can be complex. Different and, at times, opposite interests are always present, putting pressure on relationships at work. As a manager I experienced first-hand the role mediation can play in reaching an agreement that is satisfactory for all parties involved. I also regularly volunteer as a neighbourhood mediator for Beter Buren Amsterdam.  I also find serving as a board member for a variety of foundations in the social services very rewarding.

My specialty
As a mediator I focus primarily on conflicts in the workplace. My mission is to support people at all levels within organisations dealing with conflict. The outcome is clarity and validation for all involved parties. Relationships can be renewed, lines of communication opened and the work environment improved. Sometimes saying goodbye is the most logical step, but even then, mediation can make this an harmonious process.

It’s important to me that organisations become more proficient in dealing with conflict. In addition to mediations, organisations can provide individual and team coaching. The beauty of mediation is the opportunity for people to take charge and stay in control. Mediation requires courage. Courage to address the issues with the other party, instead of avoiding difficult conversations or look to a judge or superior for answers.

As an MfN-registered mediator and coach I am ready to guide you through conflict in a healthy way.

Want to know more?
Feel free to contact me by mail at: or on my cell:  +31 6 1983 8065