I have first-hand experience with the immense value of mediation, notably by seeing what structural damage may occur when this step is left out and people take their conflict to court. Mediation provides a valuable, realistic opportunity for structural repair.


Roderic van Voorst tot Voorst

In 2018, Roderic van Voorst tot Voorst (1956) joined Mediation Amsterdam as an MfN-accredited mediator. Roderic has over 30 years of experience in banking, business, international finance and local politics. He primarily focuses on commercial mediation.

In addition, he has specialized in family mediation and is therefore accredited to mediate in family business conflicts, inheritance issues or interpersonal conflicts.

As of early 2021, Roderic has been appointed mediator by the “Raad voor Rechtsbijstand” and by the Court of Amsterdam.

Roderic is a socially engaged professional, voluntarily committed to neighbourhood mediation in Amsterdam (Stichting Beter Buren) for a number of years.

His extensive experience in international structured finance, negotiation processes and politics provide his mediatorship with a number of essential qualities. He brings ease, reflection and empathy to the table as well as legal and financial insight. Combined with a clear analytical mind these are the key to success for both local as well as for more complex group or international mediations.

Roderic is fluent in English, German and Dutch.