Working together is very
easy when everything goes well.
But if there is a problem,
we often can’t understand each other.
As mediator I take the
sting-hook out of the conflict.


Tabitha van den Berg

“it is my belief that the involved parties themselves will come up with the most suitable solutions. Most people at my table have shown to be perfectly capable of just that – with a little help. The mediator is in charge of the process, the parties focus on the content. As mediator, I will explore the areas of friction and analyse the existing wishes and possibilities for the future in a decisive and warm way, applying some humor whenever appropriate.

“As a mediator, I am also invited regularly as a team coach/trainer during reorganisations and in cases of troubled cooperation within teams or between colleagues. Upon request, I also coach individuals; people who are stuck in a conflict or complex communication schemes and who long for change. People who want to determine the issues they want to address themselves. My approach in such trajectory is both investigative and enabling, providing a view on solutions.”

“As a guest teacher I am connected to the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam, and I regularly provide trainings and lectures at high schools and other universities. In my spare time, next to running an active family life, I have been involved in community mediation in Amsterdam for years.”

Na mijn post-academische opleiding basis mediation in 2011 heb ik bij het ADR-instituut de specialisatie Arbeidsmediation gevolgd. Ik begeleid arbeidsconflicten en samenwerkingsproblemen tussen twee of meer personen. Ook geef ik regelmatig trainingen in mediation-vaardigheden aan professionals en jongeren. Mijn stijl: betrokken, ruimte gevend, humor en resultaatgericht.

My background
I was trained as a lawyer. After my studies, for a number of years I worked abroad project-based for the European Commission in the realm of international and intercultural cooperation. In 2007, I returned to Amsterdam where I had worked previously for the Royal Tropical Institute. I had the opportunity to cooperate in various teams with a lot of people from various work fields, countries and cultures: a true enrichment, with the additional advantage of now being able to mediate in both Dutch and English.

I am married, living in Amsterdam Noord and I have three kids. I have been an MfN-accredited legal mediator since 2012. I completed the post-academic mediation training at the Amsterdam ADR Institute. As from 2014, I have been the owner of Mediation Amsterdam (founded by Barbara Hoogenboom in 2004), welcoming my business partner Eline van Tijn in 2016 and Roderic van Voorst tot Voorst in 2018

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