Brexit and commercial conflict

The Dutch Mediation Association (NMv) had just launched a website named (in Dutch) for entrepeneurs that fear or experience difficulties in a cross-border collaboration as a result of Brexit.

As a corporate mediation firm with strong ties to international affairs due to the international corporate background of our mediators, we are most delighted to be mentioned as one of the trusted and capable firms on this new website.

We believe a mediator or dispute manager can be an excellent tool to facilitate stronger conversations, interest-based, rather than dispute-oriented.

Roderic van Voorst tot Voorst, Eline van Tijn and Tabitha van den Berg have all three lived and/or worked abroad and are skilled mediators and/or faciltators in complex negotations.

We are experienced, professional dispute managers and have a broad understanding of dillema’s in collaborating with the aim of finding solutions that serve business and personal interests well.

If you have any questions regarding cross-border mediation and/or Mediation in commercial cases at all, feel welcome to contact us.


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