Together, we investigate what the conflict means to you and what, for you, they are really about.

What is conflict coaching?


  • You are in a conflict and do not yet feel strong enough to initiate talks with the other(s)?
  • Your communication with the other(s) keep running aground, and you want to investigate if there is a pattern to this and where it originates?
  • You’ve been told that you come across differently than you intend, and want to work on that?

In these cases you can use one of us as conflict coach.

Our method
Together we investigate what conflict & communication mean for you and what message this conflict holds for you. We use various methods to zoom in and out on what happens in the interaction. Our goal: to clarify your position in the conflict  and discover a path forward.

It may be useful to look at who is ‘on the other side’ of the conflict. What does this person or do these people do to you? How is the team constituted, and what is your role in it? We discuss how to manage language in a conflict. Which words escalate, and which words improve the communication? If desired, we may practice with role play – the coach taking the role of the troublesome conflict partner. You may show your business mail correspondence and others’ reactions to it, or your participation in (internal) social media. How do you want to come across and how do you actually come across? If desired, we can accompany you to a meeting with your business partners, colleagues or with a client.

If you want, we can also give you homework assignments so that you can practice your conflict-skills and solutions on your own.

In short: many possibilities. Contact us if you want to brainstorm about your situation, then we’ll discuss together if we can help, and if we can, what would be the best way.