What can you do if there is no actual conflict, but you do feel resistance, unclarity or dissatisfaction within the communication?

What is dialogue guidance?

Where there is cooperation, irritation and unease can arise. It is not always easy to address this, possibly because you fear being too angry and possibly causing more damage rather than resolving the issue, or because you think the other party will verbally outweigh you, leaving you no space to let you make your point. Perhaps you are be a manager sensing the team is not running smoothly; you want to break the tension without escalation.

In these cases, dialogue guidance is a good choice. Our task will be to explore the underlying issues and to create room for you to refresh the communication process, whether it is between two people, within a team or between several parties at once.

Our method:
We will begin by investigating the reasons for your support request and your expectations and wishes for the preferred outcome. This can be done through an online intake, or through 1-on-1 intake meetings. Sometimes this step will not be necessary and we will be able to start with a first joint session straight away.
Following a brief introduction and investigation we will start a structured conversation method, allowing each participant to elaborate on their view on the issues causing the friction. As mediators/coaches, we have a number of techniques and exercises in store to help you reaching sincere, in depth communication with each other. Sometimes a game or a surprising intervention will help to reach this goal. Sometimes, a break from the group process for further 1-on-1 discussions may prove useful in finding the core issue. Everything is done with the aim of resolving the issues, learning from this process en identifying the most practical points of action for a successful future.