The real price of conflict

1 April 2021 from 15:00 till 16:30 hours: crash course conflict management

The experienced labour mediators of Mediation Amsterdam in association with the specialized lawyers of Valegis invite you to participate in an interactive webinar/ crash course on conflict management.

Dutch labour law is quite employee friendly; too much so in the eyes of many entrepreneurs. Whether an employee is sick on medical grounds or calls in sick due to conflict related stress: the exposure for an employer is high. He will be held partly responsible and is obligated to take action. The employer might not even be aware of any conflict and may yet have to address certain mental issues of an employee pursuant to the advice of the company doctor.

Taking appropriate action will of course cost money, time and energy. Costs you would rather not incur.

Serious reputational damage could be another consequence of a conflict. Angry and hurt (ex-) employees could easily chat on- or offline about their employer not providing a safe work environment, which may cause your customers or future high potentials to refrain from working with you.

As lawyers and mediators, we have worked with numerous clients on a wide variety of employee and management issues and we would like to share our insights with you. We feel it is important that you become aware of the price of conflict and the possibilities and pitfalls of Dutch labour law. We offer help to navigate the muddy waters of trouble with one or more staff members.

We’d like to welcome you to an interactive webinar with the use of breakout rooms, to facilitate smaller group discussions.

Some of our tips will be on conflict prevention: how to observe and handle negative vibes from employees? What can a manager do to resolve matters before they get out of hand? Are you aware of different conflict styles and how they interact ? What options do you have in case employees are threatening legal action?

Bring your own cases to the webinar to be discussed in a confidential setting.

You are very welcome to participate in this webinar.

Subscribe now. There is a cap on the number of participants of 25.

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