Wanted: entrepreneurs for student research

Our interns Pim Holtes and Michelle Visser have been working on their internship for two months now. They are keen to understand how entrepreneurs in the Amsterdam region are looking at business disputes.

Both are master students at VU University

We enjoy contributing to the professional development of young professionals and are curious to learn the results of their research. As dispute professionals we are keen to learn what drives entrepreneurs in their decision making in conflictuous situations.

What is in it for you?
We find it inspirational to be ‘grilled’ by young professionals. Their keen eye, open and critical minds encourage us to reflect on the ‘why’ behind what we do, how we view our professionals and encourages us to think about the future of mediation. This interaction always generates new thoughts and ideas.

Are you on board?
Pim and Michelle are happy to come to your office and interview you as part of their research. They would need about 45 minutes of your time in the months of April and/or May.

Will you help them graduate?  Get in touch or call us and they will contact you to set up an appointment!





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