Mark Spaargaren joins Mediation Amsterdam

A deeper layer: the addition of a psychologist mediator

Starting April 1st, psychologist mediator Mark Spaargaren (1972) will join the Mediation Amsterdam team, a practice specialising in work and business mediation, coaching and other forms of process counselling for people in the business and professional sectors.

At the heart of Mark’s work is a conviction that honest and timely conversations about difficult subjects lead to increased job satisfaction and keep people positively engaged. Mark Spaargaren: “My 15-plus years of leadership experience have taught me that such conversations are an integral part of team building. My interest in mediation came from my own aversion to conflict.  Recognising that conflict is sometimes unavoidable I instead learned how to respond more comfortably when disagreeing with others. Looking at the interests of others and figuring out what our own interests are helps make conflict less daunting.  It also creates space for reconciliation or at the very least clarity in a relationship.”

“So much goes unspoken when we are afraid or ashamed or angry or feel powerless. Everywhere we look we can see the results of broken relationships, misunderstandings, widely differing standpoints and hidden resentments.  It is this that inspires me to try and make a difference.”

Mark says that he functions best when working as part of a diverse team with different talents and expertise. “Faced with the decision to start my own mediation business or join an existing practice, the choice was easy for me. I was familiar with Mediation Amsterdam and there was a natural ‘click’ with the partners. I also believe I can fit in well with the client-focused, professional and approachable way they work. The team is a fine blend of personalities and fields of expertise, and I am happy to be joining them.”

Mediation Amsterdam partner Tabitha van den Berg is also pleased with this new addition.  “Working with Mark will allow us to meet the mediation needs of more people and his arrival brings a new dimension to our work.  As a psychologist mediator, Mark is able to combine his training and experience with our existing legal and entrepreneurial mediation, rounding out our team in the process”.

About Mediation Amsterdam

Our office consists of four mediators which are accredited by MfN (the Dutch Federation of Mediators) to ensure quality and diligence. Taking a pragmatic and empathic approach, Mediation Amsterdam strives to find the right balance between the emotional impact of the conflict and the practical, business side of the issue. Our mission is to create an open and respectful dialogue that leads to fruitful results. Together we find a good and, above all, sustainable solution.

In addition to mediation we offer coaching and process counselling as other options for meaningful dialogue, taking into account individual preferences and differences.  Each session is tailored specifically to the client with an emphasis on quality and comfort for all involved, whether they be management and employee relationships, or lateral relationships between team members or owners and business partners.

Mediation Amsterdam was established in 2004 and has since contributed to the positive resolution of more than 500 conflicts.

We believe in giving back to our communities and strive to do so wherever possible. Interns and collaborative mediators regularly join us in the office and we are active as speakers, guest lecturers and neighbourhood mediation volunteers.


You are cordially invited to come and meet Mark or find out more about Mediation Amsterdam on June 2 at the Grote Kerk in Monnickendam.  Please send us a mail and let us know of your interest.

Want to know more about Mark Spaargaren? Check his profile or watch this video with Eline and Roderic welcoming our new addition.


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