Mediation Amsterdam participates in 6th Bucerius Mediation Competition

November 20-22

Investing in the future of ADR

The next generation conflict professionals will arise from the ranks of today’s students. At Mediation Amsterdam we feel it is important to invest in them. In general we hope to inspire students so they will be seriously considering our profession when making future choices. Whether becoming an ADR-professional themselves or suggesting the use of a mediator to resolve commercial issues.

This weekend in particular we are looking forward to participate as judges / mediators in the student mediation competition hosted by the Bucerius Law School in Hamburg.

We are not alone: participating in international student competitions we encounter numerous great international colleagues. Which in itself is a good reason to join as it offers an opportunity to exchange news and knowledge about mediation around the globe. And make new friends, like Dr Marcus Bauckmann, sponsor of this competition.

What will the Bucerius mediation competition look like? 

The Bucerius organizing Team are (virtually) welcoming more than 20 universities and more than 40 ADR professionals from all over the world this weekend in Hamburg.

The competition is programmed as a online competition due to the restrictions due to the COVID19-pandemic. However, the structure of the competition and the mediation sessions will be as close as possible to former competitions. The competition format allows two teams consisting of two students each to participate in a mediation session about a fictitious case and try to come to an amicable solution. The competition thereby offers the participants the opportunity to demonstrate their skills in and knowledge of mediation. Also, they can network with current and former participants as well as the participating professional mediators and lawyers.

International Camber of Commerce
The format of the competition and judging is based on the ICC International Commercial Mediation Competition, organized in Paris every year by the International Chamber of Commerce.

All three commercial mediators of Mediation Amsterdam are looking forward to spend a virtual weekend at the competition in Hamburg. It is an honour to contribute and engage with young bright minds from all over the world!

The Bucerius Mediation Competition is sponsored by the Bucerius Centre for International Dispute Resolution and Bauckmann & Partner.


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